Rapid Fire Jackpot Slots


Find out all about how Rapid Fire Jackpot Slots work. Also Known as Random Progressive Jackpot Slots.

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Rapid fire jackpots were launched back in 2004 and they proved to be a breath of fresh air
for the online gambling industry, especially for the online slots sections of sites. Rapid fire jackpots
are progressive jackpots too, kind of like the ones you already know, but just slightly different.

Rapid fire jackpots are not awarded for hitting a specific combination of symbols on one
of the interlinked slot machines. They are given away in a random manner. This means
individual players’ odds for hitting one of these jackpots increases radically.

That also means that the jackpot sizes take a hit too. Because there are so many of them (several rapid fire jackpots are awarded each day) Online Casinos cannot afford to offer winners the fabulous prizes that regular progressive jackpots do.
The base value for such rapid fire jackpots is around $500 and the average value a winner will take home is $800.

No Winning Combination Required

Now then, as we’ve already nailed it down: rapid fire jackpots do not require a set combination of symbols to be awarded. How are the winners determined then? As soon as a jackpot is awarded, the system randomly selects the amount of the next jackpot. Play goes on, and off every bet a certain percentage is taken to build the jackpot.

The player whose jackpot contribution takes it past the previously established amount wins. That’s pretty straightforward and players will definitely not mind wining several jackpots a day. This way, the casino will have 100% of the jackpot expenses covered by the players while still managing to push an extremely attractive promotion.

Betting Larger Stakes

Another interesting thing about some of the best pokies online concerns the stakes involved. Rapid fire slots actually encourage betting larger stakes. Here’s why: suppose your rapid fire slot machine features stakes from 10 cents right up to $5. If you go with the 10 cent option, you’ll be able to place a maximum bet of 9 coins, in which case you’ll be wagering 90 cents on every spin.

If you go with the $5 option though, your maximum wager will be a $45 one. It is obvious that you stand a much bigger chance at taking the jackpot above the set limit if you wager more.
Of course, that doesn’t mean that players who bet smaller won’t stand a much better chance at winning a rapid fire jackpot than a traditional progressive one, their odds will just be a little poorer than those of players betting big.

What is the Best Approach?

What’s the best approach towards taking down a rapid fire jackpot then? In theory, you can wait till the jackpot nears the $800 average payout mark and then start betting big. The problem is there’s no way for you to know the exact payout sum and if you bet $45/spin, you’d do better to win it within 4-5 spins or you’ll end up paying out more than the value of the jackpot.

Of course, there are no guarantees that you’ll win even if you do bet $45 more than 20 times in a row. What experts recommend is that you play on as usual and every now and then fire out a $45 bet. Also, don’t forget to use your slot card, or play in an online casino with a good comp points scheme. Like rakeback in poker, comp points open up an additional source of gambling revenue for you.


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